Woodland Inspired Urban Planter-Good For Urban Ecology

A small back lot of a Manhattan brownstone. This client's brownstone in NYC did not have earth for plantings with the ba... Details

Butterfly Gardens-Planting Monarch Waystaytions

I am a Milkweed Lover! To arrive at a client’s garden and see many beautiful monarchs and othe... Details

Bat-House: Benefits of the Insectivorous Predator

[caption id="attachment_1397" align="alignleft" width="288" caption="Bat House-Side Profile"][/caption] Planting Habita... Details

Bee Keeping

Raising bee's in an art! It's not only good for the preservation of this art form to have a beehive, but also benefits t... Details

Indigo Blue Pergola

The Magic Flute, a house that rests among a canopy of trees.  A unique location in which the garden is steps below a fo... Details

The LIVE Food Network – A Community Farming System

Living In Vital Environments, and consider carrots tasting like carrots. Become a Fire Island CFS member - Community F... Details